The Past - Lyz Biog

Lyz became interested in complementary medicine at a young age when  an article on aromatherapy in a magazine sparked her interest.  From then on she was intrigued by ancient ways to improve health and wellbeing and explored many different therapies for personal and professional development.

 In 1994 Lyz had to leave a busy career in advertising due to suffering from ME.  During this time she used many different therapies to aid her recovery.  One day whilst experiencing a particularly bad migraine, Lyz found that following a few minutes of toning (a voice technique) she no longer had a pounding head. 

This eureka moment led Lyz to use the same prolonged tones every day and she was amazed at the speed of her recovery and began a quest to discover more about the therapeutic properties of sound. 

Following years of research and development, and with the help of the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine, she formed The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) in 2000.  BAST became the first training establishment in the UK to offer professional courses in sound therapy. 

Lyz loves to share her work and runs workshops for personal development in the UK and overseas.  She regularly has her work featured in the media and in 2009 her first book, ‘Sounding the Mind of God’ was published.  It has since been translated into German and was launched in Munich in 2010.

In 2011 she graduated from the University of Chichester with an MA in Education.  Her research subject was looking at how a rhythm and movement protocol helped improve emotional wellbeing and social skills in children and the outcome was very positive.  See The Future for further details.

Lyz has composed many CD’s for therapeutic use and recently worked with the highly acclaimed ambient music trio Marconi Union.  Her brief was to help create the most relaxing track ever for Radox Spa.  In tests undertaken by Mindlab at the University of Sussex ‘Weightless’ was shown to be more relaxing than having a massage or listening to music by many other artists/composers including Adele, Mozart and Enya.